The Polar Regions and Countries from the NORTH POLE to the Tropic of Cancer with the addition of all the New Discoveries

Copper engraving with original hand colour. Published by Laurie & Whittle, Fleet Street, 1 January 1818.

Image size: 7 1/4" diameter, plus title, imprint and margins.

Generally good condition throughout, the fresh bright original colouring being especially attractive. Loss of the entire lower margin along the bottom plate mark. The top edge of paper is ragged and the outer left and right margins are rather grubby. None of these faults to the paper affect the image and would be entirely hidden by judicious mounting.

An especially pleasing and unusual map showing a bird's eye view of the globe from an imagined vantage point high above the North Pole which encompasses Africa, Arabia, China, India, and Mexico. The North Pacific Ocean includes the routes of Cook's Track to America, 1770 and the Track of Perouse, 1786.


£300.00, mounted, unframed.


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North Pole

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