London on Linen

A decorative souvenir tea towel printed in colour on linen. "Exclusive design of The Portand Supply Co" dating from circa 1971.

Dimensions of map: 20" x 30". External dimensions of frame: 26" x 36" 

Condition generally very good throughout. Colours bright, fresh and unfaded. Two vertical creases, slightly grubby not affecting the overall effect.

A very attractive pictorial map of London, in bold, primary colours, following in the tradition of Macdonald Gill's Wonderground map, but in a simpler, modern graphic style typical of the late sixties/early seventies.

The map itself is contained within a decorative border of London 'types', and a banderole flanked by a pair of guardsmen. The map is undated but  the balloon seller holds a placard stating '5NP' ie 5 New Pence, a reference to the new decimal currency introduced in 1971. Deliberately nostalgic: the london taxi is still depicted with its open luggage platform at the front, but  among the costers and flower sellers are a pair of beatniks.

A scarce ephemeral item.



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