Greenwich & Environs

Booth Poverty Map - Greenwich & Environs

Modern reproduction by photo-lithography of the original from Maps Descriptive of London Poverty 1898/99 compiled by Charles Booth.

Sheet size: 23 1/4" x 16 1/2", including margins; ie A2.

Charles Booth employed eighty people to walk the streets of London with policemen on their beats making notes relating to the relative poverty and wealth of various parts of London. The survey was carried out between 1898 and 1899 and gives a valuable insight into the social conditions of London at that time. Booth was shocked at the degree of poverty, the main cause of which was established to be age; the elderly being unable to earn a living and so becoming a burden on their families. It was the findings of Booth's survey that contributed to the introduction of the Old Age Pension in 1908.


This A2 edition is now out of print and no longer avaiable.

A new edition reproducing Booth's Greenwich and Deptford sheet in its full extent, has just been published.

This measures 22" x 19 3/4" and is priced £20 unframed.

Further details to follow....

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Charles Booth Poverty Map - Greenwich

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