Copper engraving with original outline colour, entitled: MOSCOVY corrected from [th]e observations communicated to the Royal Society of London and Paris. By Iohn Senex, “Printed for T. Bowles in St. Paul’s Ch. Yd. John Bowles & Son in Cornhil & Robt. Sayer in Fleet St. [1712].


Image size: 38 1/2" x 26" (970 x 660mm) approx. Closed framed in dark brown wooden moulding.

Condition: Smallish loss (about 1 1/2”) to lower left margin. Substantial loss at bottom right-hand corner – triangular, say 10” x 10” x 14” - (see photo). That which is intact is in good to very good condition; the loss – which has been expertly conserved – adds to the relic-status of the piece. The date ‘1712’ has been partially erased, suggesting that this is re-published at a later date, but if so, that date is unrecorded. Certainly the paper and colouring suggest an early eighteenth century vintage.

Extent: White Sea: Petzora [Pechora] River: Kiovia [Ukraine]: […]

The map shows Russia at the time of Peter the Great, on the threshold of becoming a major European power. (The proclamation of a Russian Empire was made in 1721). The regions, main cities (Moscow is central), towns and other habitations are marked. So too, are forests, rivers and lakes. Some wise and wonderful travel advice is also offered: “The road from Moscow to Viatka by Castroma & Galiez is nearer [than] that which passes by Oustioug; but it’s the most difficult because of the Morrasses & the Czeremisses Idolatrous People which are Dangerous to be met with”. You have been warned.

£700.00 mounted and framed. This item is not suitable for postage.


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