Meteorology - Displaying the Various Phenomena of the Atmosphere


Steel engraving with original hand colour, drawn and engraved by John Emslie. Published as part of Astronomical Diagrams by James Reynolds, 174 Strand, [London], September 20th 1846.

Sheet size: 9" x 11 1/4".

Very good condition - finely engraved and superbly coloured.

Printed on card, this Meteorological diagram displays 'the various phenomena of the atmosphere', 24 in total, identified by a key beneath the illustration. On the reverse of the card greater detail is given of the various phenomena.

The example illustrated here has been sold. 

However we have another copy, less richly coloured and lacking the shipwreck in the Malstrom, from a slightly later edition published circa 1860, available for £60.00 unmounted/unframed.



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