The Earth's Annual Revolution Round the Sun

Steel engraving with original hand colour, drawn and engraved by John Emslie. Published as part of Astronomical Diagrams by J[ames] Reynolds & Sons Ltd, 174 Strand, [London], Undated, but circa 1860.

Sheet size: 9" x 11 1/4".

Very good condition - finely engraved and superbly coloured.

Printed on card, the diagram shows the position of the sun on the first day of every month and its diurnal rotation on its axis. This is a masterpiece of nineteenth century graphic arrangement. The central oval, bordered by the months of the year, contains twelve globes revolving around the sun. with a full explanatory text in the margins, which also show vignettes of the earth at 'Day and Night' and 'Twilight and Dawn'. The decorated Tuscan lettering of the title undulates pleasingly at the top of the page, redolent of the fairground barker encouraging you to roll up and witness his demonstration of sights and wonders.





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