The Earth and its Atmosphere

Steel engraving with original hand colour, drawn and engraved by John Emslie. Published as part of Astronomical Diagrams by James Reynolds, 174 Strand, [London], March 10th 1849.

Sheet size: 9" x 11 1/4".

Very good condition - finely engraved and superbly coloured.

Printed on card, this diagram shows a cross section of the Earth at the Equator and the surrounding atmosphere. Various locations on the Earth's surface are identified; the diagram also illustrates how the phemonenon of refraction can be caused by the atmosphere.


£60.00 Unmounted/unframed.


Another copy, less richly coloured, from a slightly later edition published circa 1860, available for £50.00 unmounted/unframed.

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The Earth and its Atmosphere

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