British Isles


Copper engraving with old and attractive hand colour published by Pieter van der Keere circa 1627 from the 'Miniature Speed Atlas'.

Image size: 3 1/4" x 4 3/4", plus margins.

Generally good condition considering its age. Age spotting to paper, as expected. Some chips and losses to edges of paper, not affecting image. Traces of old adhesive to verso. Acid discolouration from a previous mount. All of these faults would be hidden by a sympathetic presentation in a new acid-free mount.

A charming miniature map of Kent with the churches and principal buildings pleasingly depicted and the scale of miles.

Fascinating descriptive text to verso:

"In forme it somewhat resembleth the head of a hammer or Battle-axe, and lyeth corner-wise into the Sea"

"The ayre, though not very cleere, because of the vapours arising from the Sea and Rivers that environ the same, is both wholesome and temperate, as seated neerest to the Equinoctiall, and the furthest from the North Pole, not touched with cold as the other parts of the Land are."

"The soile towards the East is uneven, rising into little hils, the West more level and woody, in all places fruitfull, and in plentie equals any other of the Realme, yea, and in some things hath the best esteeme: as in Broad-clothes, Fruits, and feedings for Cattell. Onely Mines (except Iron) are wanting: all things else delivered with a prodigall heart and liberall hand."


£165.00 mounted and framed

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