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Chart of the Downs and Margate Roads, 1797

Made and published by William Heather at The Navigation Warehouse, 157 Leadenhall St, London, 12 January 1797.

Copper engraving with original hand colour.

Image size: 25" x 31.1/4" approx., plus borders.

Excellent overall - recently professionally conserved. Very rare.

Contains three views of Ramsgate & the South Foreland, and a short note on buoyage. The north Kent coast has several coastal profiles, many with clearing lines to dangers off-shore. Sand banks and other dangers named. Many soundings. Compass rose; rhumb lines.Variation shown. Recommended tracks. Leading lines. Anchorages. Tidal arrows and stream velocities on neaps & springs. Lighthouses, lightships, buoys. The actual coastline shows the cliffs, beaches, etc.The imprints read Drawn by J. Norie, Teacher of Navigation, No.157 Leadenhall Street, London. Publifhed as the Act directs, January, the 12th.1797 by W. Heather, at the Navigation Warehoufe, No.157, Leadenhall Street. Heather's charts were, and still are, highly regarded. They are now becoming scarce. Norie went on to buy out the business which became the largest in the country. His blue-back charts were used worldwide; they were constantly updated. The firm evolved into Imrays, which survives to this day, though not quite in its original form or on the original site. 4 5/8" = 4 miles - approx.


£1800.00 Unmounted/unframed.

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Chart of the Downs and Margate Roads.

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