New Holland or Australia

Copper engraving with original hand colour. 

Published by Hamilton, Adams & Co London [circa 1830]

Image size: 8 3/4" x 11" plus margins.

Excellent condition throughout.

A scarce and attractive map with especially pleasing subtle colouring. The central, uncharted portion of Australia ("Little progress has as yet been made in the Discovery of the Interior") is here occupied by insets of 'Van Diemen's Land' and 'The Environs of Port Jackson' [Sydney Harbour]. 

The text at the lower left supplies a potted history of the discovery of Australia by way of the efforts of the Dutch, French, and Captains Cook and Flinders. It also indicates there is some contention over the name itself: "Capt Flinders calls the Island Australia or Australasia. Mr Barrow has named it Notasia." Although the latter name slipped into obscurity, Mr Barrow of the Admiralty (later Sir John Barrow) was a founder of the Royal Geographical Society and was instrumental in the choice of location for Napoleon's exile when he recommended 'St Helena as the place in the world best calculated for the confinement of such a person.'



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