A Map of the Peninsula of India - South

Copper engraving by B. Baker, Islington, with original hand colour. Published by Wm. Faden, 'Geographer to the King and to the Prince of Wales', Charing Cross, 10 May 1795.

Image size: 19 5/8' x 32 1/2", plus margins.

Very good condition throughout.

This is the northern sheet of two published by William Faden.  According to information displayed in the cartouche, the two sheets together reach 'from the 19th Degree North Latitude to Cape Comorin'. Again, this map and its counterpart were, 'Compiled chiefly from the papers communicated by the late Sir Arch[ibal]d Campbell, the surveys of Col. Kelly, Capt. Pringle, Capt. Allan, &c.'. The scale is 69 1/2 British miles per degree.

See also: A Map of the Peninsula of India - North.


£600.00 - sold together with North sheet. Unmounted/unframed.


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A Map of the Peninsula of India - South

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