Colour printed lithograph from original steel engraving.

From Stanford's Atlas of Universal Geography, published by Edward Stanford, 1894.

Size of sheet: 14 3/4 x 12"

Excellent condition throughout.

A very attractive, finely detailed map with a pleasing arrangement of colours. 

Stanford announced that this series was "partly designed, and some of the maps were drawn and engraved by the late John Arrowsmith. They were, however, all left by him in a very unfinished state, and much time and care have been expended to fit them for publication. The original plates, exquisitely engraved on steel, have been supplemented by many entirely new, an outlay rendered neccessary by the very rapid strides recently made in our geographical knowledge. Although accuracy and utility, rather than elegance, have been aimed at in the production of these maps, yet even in the latter respect it is hoped that a favourable judgement will be passed on it. The object of the series is to present in a handy form the usual maps on a sufficient scale for ordinary reference."


£40.00 unmounted, unframed. 

Plus postage and packing, if required.

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