The Nelson Almanac

A Book of Days Recording Nelson's Life and the Events that Shaped his Era. 'A glorious jumble of facts and events brought together as a primer for the aspiring student of Nelson's era. Essentially, the book has three basic elements: structured as an almanac, each moth is prefaced by and essay written by some of the most respected modern-day Nelsonian authors; each month gives a daily event in Lord Nelson's life as well as contemporary occurances - and certain of these are expanded into short articles. The book is profusely illustrated throughout with images from Warwick Leadlay Gallery's archive.

Edited by David Harris, Picture Editor Anthony Cross.

Warwick Leadlay Gallery in association with Conway Maritime Press, 1998.

192pp, hardback in dust wrapper.

Excellent condition, as new.


£10.00 - plus postage if required.

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