Lost London 1870-1945

Philip Davies

Transatlantic Press in association with English Heritage, 2009. 

368 pages, hardback in dust wrapper.

A lavishly produced volume, presenting page after page of beautifully reproduced photographs of an almost unrecognisable city. An essential book for lovers of London. Pore through its pages and explore a vanished metropolis, whilst cursing the planners, developers and those in authority, who conspired to destroy its character. More importantly, use it as a rallying cry to take up the cudgels against the current philistine incumbents of City Hall, and the vandalistic lust for wanton erectomania; likewise their henchmen in local government who appear hellbent on pursuing a spitfeful contemporary campaign of uglification across London. This book is surely the cue for the last waltz at the Wrecker's Ball.



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