Thursday 15th August 2013

Happy Birthday, Boney!

The fifteenth of August (quinziemme aout) is in France generally given over to the celebration of the Feast of the Assumption. The country closes down and goes 'en fete', though exactly where, I'm not sure. If you are travelling by public transport, bon chance. If you are looking for lunch, even a sandwich, you'll be equally lucky  to get served. Only the very fortunate, if they have not made other arrangements, will find any succour in the shops.

The 15th August is also the anniversary of the birthday, in 1769, of Napoleon B[u]onaparte, tho, unless I am greatly mistaken, this is an event that is almost everywhere unacknowledged in this country. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the religious still seems surreptitiously to supersede the secular hereabouts.

All very curious.

Alors, Happy Birthday, Boney. Shame to spoil it with thoughts about Trafalgar. Business as usual tomorrow though!

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