Friday 17th April 2020

Floor Length Frankie at Sunset

A couple of new pieces here pushed out under the door by Rachel in her lockdown.

The first, (at left) is entitled ‘Early Evening Outside the Trafalgar Tavern’. Rachel adds this description: "This very week last April on one of my riverside rambles, armed as always, with my sketchbook", she writes, "I was captured by the stunning light on the water and figures silhouetted against it. Being a weekday evening it was quiet enough to sit awhile and make a sketch. Now it feels very nostalgic as we soldier on through lock down and hope we will be soon be sat watching the sunset over a glass or even two!"

We all will drink to that. 

The second piece is another of her small sculptures modelled in wax (easier to handle this week, I understand, now the weather is not quite so warm).

Of this, Rachel explains:

'The girl with the plait was inspired by an evening of a drawing a much sought after model named Francesca Cluny. Better known under the moniker ‘Floor length Frankie’. For her first quick poses her hair was wound around her head in the manner of a Victorian lady and her pale face was that of an English rose. After the break she returned, to gasps from us all, having let down her magnificent plait that almost touched her ankles. I made several quick sketches and my ‘Lock down’ wax models are from both real and imagined poses."

Full details of both pieces can be found using thes links:

and -

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