Under Government rules the Gallery and workshop are currently CLOSED FOR THE DURATION. However...

We are delighted to announce that Warwick Leadlay Gallery will be open again on 12 April 2021. To celebrate this occasion we are having a MASSIVE SALE -  with lots of items marked at HALF-PRICE, so come and grab a bargain! Please note that our workshop will remain open until the end of April when it will close for major refurbishment. Please, therefore, bring along anything you wish to be framed by Sunday 25th April at latest to allow sufficient time to complete the job. See you Monday, 9.30 sharp!

Established in 1974, Warwick Leadlay Gallery is situated in Nelson Arcade at the southern entrance to Greenwich Market. We offer a rich cornucopia of images and artefacts reflecting not only aspects of Greenwich, but also, many parts of the country and the world. 

Our twin premises celebrate different aspects of a varied stock. On the east, The Art Department primarily presents images of the local area with a more contemporary feel. To the west, The Map Room, as the name suggests, has maps of every age and area. Our workshop located just a couple of minutes away in the Market also offers an expert framing service for just about any item you might wish to hang on your wall.

An important aspect of our ethos is the Immortal Memory of Lord Nelson and this is reflected not just in our stock, but also in the way we do business - the way the Admiral would have liked it! 

Warwick Leadlay Gallery is open every day except Christmas. If you are unable to call in person, please feel free to contact us by whatever means: every enquiry will be answered, as soon as possible, by a real person!

Please note that some items on this website which may be described as 'unmounted/unframed', etc, may subsequently have been mounted and/or framed in our workshop, and thus be subject to a price differential.

All prices quoted include VAT (currently 20%) where appropriate.




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